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20 Alternatives To KickassTorrents

Have you ever downloaded a TV show or movie in the last few years free of charge? If you have, it’s likely that you have used a torrent for this file. Torrent is the best way to transfer large files across several users at once. Experts attribute almost half of the total global internet traffic to torrenting.

Torrenting may seem like a simple downloading file. However, it is much more than that. A file available for download is broken down into countless tiny pieces. These pieces are then downloaded by torrent users (leechers). Once a user has downloaded that content, they can host that content to support other torrent users. These hosts are called seeders.

20 Alternatives to KickAss Torrent

Finding a reliable torrent site is not easy. Once someone learns of one, they tend to stick to it. Kickass Torrents (KAT) has always been a favorite among torrent users for years. Whenever someone wanted to torrent the content of their choice they relied on Kickass Torrent.

The website had 50 million visitors each month, which had made it the largest torrent sharing website in the world. It also raked advertising revenue worth $12 million to $22 million.

However, many countries consider torrenting websites to be illegal. This is because, these websites a source for distributing copyrighted content without the owner’s permission. There is always a cat-and-mouse game between authorities and popular websites. As a result, many torrent websites are shut down on the internet. Kickass Torrent also suffered a similar fate and is no longer available.

For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled the list of the top 20 alternatives to Kickass Torrent.

Important Note: Our website does not encourage illegal activity. Downloading illegal content is often illegal, even in countries where torrenting is available.


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After the dethroning of Kickass Torrent, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is being touted as the new king of torrents. Founded by a Swedish group in 2003, TPB is one of the oldest and most reliable P2P/torrenting websites on the internet. The website boasts a massive collection of torrents, amounting up to more than 3,286,000+.

The Pirate Bay has been so popular that many of the meta-search engines redirect to its URL. The website has stacked a treasure of software, music, movies, TV shows, games, books and comics.

TPB has had its share of run-ins with the law. It has received a number of notices from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The website also has faced several seizures of domains, yet the website keeps coming up.

Still, the website is currently banned in 28 countries. This list includes European countries like Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  Also, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China are some of the countries that ban this website. However, you can still access them to download free content by using a VPN.

The Pirate Bay supports instant downloads and has alternate URLs in the form of Tbp.tw and TPBMirror.org. The website also has a download speed of 3.1 Mbps for a regular internet connection.

Although the interface might need some updating, RARBG is still one of the most reliable torrent services out there. The website has been around for 11 years.

RARBG is one of the most recognized websites for fans of P2P file-sharing. Users can access high-quality torrents along with a large number of seeders.

The website was one of the top 10 torrent websites we have observed. However, it caters a modest speed of 1.3 Mbps these days.

Still, the website has a gigantic torrent repository. You can surf through movies and TV shows all you want. The website also has games, music and software. Moreover, you can check out categories like top 10, catalog and torrent at the top of the homepage. The website will never let you down when you’re looking to download content.

RARBG even has a news section which keeps its users updated about the current trends in the torrent world. However, you’ll have to use a VPN to access the site in the following countries.

  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Portugal
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom

If the site is somehow taken down in your country too, you can try your luck with its alternative IP:

No, it’s not a typing mistake. 1337x is one of the most popular websites for torrenting out there, and a great alternative to KickAss Torrents. The people behind the website built it in 2007. After all these years, the website is still pumping out content all over the world.

The website has an appealing interface. Users can use the search bar to filter out their favorite content. You can also explore categories and visit the Top 100 section to find out the most trending torrents. The website also posts the list of the most popular torrents in a category on a weekly basis.

1337x scores good points on reliability and has a vast directory off magnet links and torrent files. The content on the website varies from movies, TV shows, games and music to software applications. Almost 90 percent of the top 100 torrents on the website are movies.

Some countries ban the website from operating within their country; these include Australia, Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom. However, you can access it through a VPN. You can also try your luck with alternative mirrors like 1337x.st, x1337x.ws and x1337x.eu.

ISOHunt is also another alternative to KAT. The website has millions of torrent downloads and is ranked amongst the best in the business. The website offers a diverse category of downloadable content. You can download Anime, software, games, TV serials, books and also age-restricted content. The website ranks it torrents on the basis of their popularity.

The website’s interface is a bit old-fashioned and still needs some improvement. However, if you know how to use search bars, you’ll have no trouble finding the torrents you desire.

The original website has been removed in October 2013 after legal action from MPAA. Now one of its mirror websites (isohunt.to) has replaced the original one. The old staff doesn’t operate this version of the website. However, the website continues to serve its users as a separate continuation.

Bit Torrent Scene is one of the few top torrent sites that also have a cool interface and design. The site has a user-friendly appearance coupled with a quick search engine. It allows users to go torrent-hunting through its categories without wasting any time. Moreover, you won’t have to cope with annoying ads popping out every now and then.

The reason for its improved design is that it has been developed just recently in 2017. Users can access a large database of torrents and magnet links numbering up to more than 5,118,000.

It’s easy to find your favorite movies, TV serials, music and games on the website. You can also find useful software and enjoyable eBooks on Bit Torrent Scene.

The website supports instant downloads as well. Users downloading a torrent can benefit from speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. If the website goes down, you can try to connect with it by using these alternative mirrors and links.

  • btsproxy.com
  • btscene.unblocker.cc
  • bittorrentstart.com

It is common for famous torrent websites to get taken down often. Something similar happened to one of the most trusted names in torrenting. Torrentz.eu suffered under the crackdown against torrent websites and was shut down.

However, since then it has been replaced with another torrent website named Torrentz2. This version of the websites indexes a ridiculous amount of torrents. The sheer volume of these torrents is unprecedented and their numbers exceed over 61 million. The website also has over 250,000 pages along with 96 domains all over the world.

The interface of this website is similar to the classic Torrentz.eu version. You’ll find no intruding advertisements spamming your web browser, just a clean UI with a search bar in the middle. Users can download everything from games, movies, TV shows and music.

The website has a meta-data search engine and attracts traffic using smart SEO techniques. It displays search results from other torrent websites. The website also supports a credible download speed of 1.9 Mbps.

The homepage also bears a message as a form of protest against the website’s previous takedown by the Copyright Law and Article 13.

As of now, the website isn’t banned in any country but you can use the following links if you have problems accessing the website.

  • Torrentz2.me
  • Torrentz2.is
  • Torrentzwealmisr.onion

YTS.am is perhaps the most successful facilitators of YIFY torrents on the web. Opposed to other torrent providers in this list, this website is specialized in providing links for movies. Since 2011, YTS.am has been the biggest provider movie torrents on the internet.

The website has over 7200 movie torrents which are available in HD. The download speed hangs around 1.8 Mbps on average. Moreover, it presents these torrents in compressed form so that it’s easier to download and enjoy.

The website isn’t banned anywhere except Ireland and even there can be accessed by a reliable VPN. Users from other parts of the world can use the following alternate URLs to access the website:

  • yts.unblocked.mx
  • yts.unblocked.mx

The website is relatively younger compared to other longstanding names in P2P sharing. However, it is an excellent replacement for KAT.

Like YTS, Zooqle is also dedicated to the entertainment industry. The website focuses on providing tested torrents of movies and TV shows to its user-base. Still, the website also has categories for other types of content.

The database of the website is extensive and stores about 3,500,000 verified torrents. The list keeps growing every day. An analysis revealed that the site hosted more than 6 PB of data and 40 million files.

Zooqle supports an incredible download speed of 3.5 Mbps on average.  The website enables its user to benefit from instant downloads without any trouble. Also, it isn’t banned in any country at the moment. However, users facing issues while logging on the site can try alternate links such as:

  • zooqle.unblocked.mx
  • zoqle.bypassed.org

EZTV is a capable alternative to the famous Kickass Torrent. Content wise the website is perfect. However, the interface of the website is very complex for normal users. The screen is crowded with a lot of text and overall, the UI needs a complete makeover.

Still, users who don’t have a problem with information thrust against their eyes can see a schedule at the centre of their screen. You can watch your favorite programs by sifting through the schedule or by finding it on the websites comprehensive search engine. Users can also stay updated through the website’s news section.

Most torrent fans recognize the EZTV as a popular option for TV content distribution. The website offers high-quality documentaries and TV shows.

The number of total torrents ranks up to more than 153,000. Instant downloads are also made available for users. Visitors can experience one of the fastest download speeds among torrent websites which is 3.7 Mbps.

The website is banned in the UK, Australia and Ireland and can be unlocked by using a VPN. When experiencing downtime, this website can be accessed by mirror links such as:

  • eztv.red
  • eztv.unblocked.mx
  • eztv.unblocked.bet

Torlock was founded in 2010 and has a sound experience of 9 years to back up its excellent torrenting services.

Users who look for healthy torrents while looking for torrent downloads can find Torlock as a useful option. The website brands itself as a website that is free from fake torrents. They even go one step further and pay their users $1 if they find any fake torrent links in their website. Torlock guarantees its users the quality they’re looking for.

The website has a good looking user interface coupled with a clean and structured distribution of categories. It indexes thousands of torrents divided into classes of movies, music, games and software. You can also find eBooks and Anime on this popular platform.

Countries like Australia, India and the UK ban the services of this website. However, you can bypass such restrictions by using a VPN. For users having problems with accessibility, they can try torlock.unblocked.mx to open the website.

Torlock features almost 4.5 million torrents and lets its users benefit from instant downloads. The download speed of this website is credible at 3.1 Mbps.

11. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

It’s difficult for torrent sites to co-exist with authorities like the DMCA and MPAA. These organizations shut down torrent websites without remorse. However, Lime Torrent is still battling against all the odds and continuing to provide reliable torrenting options for the past 10 years.

The website is one of the most recommended torrent services out there. They have a large database and outshine many other torrent sites. The website features a list of more than 9.8 million torrents.

The website has categorized its content in movies, games, TV shows and applications. They support instant downloads and also provide the following links to access when the site is down.

  • limetorrents.asia
  • limetor.club
  • limetorrents.info

Whatever kind of hell copyright infringement authorities set loose on torrent websites, they cannot cage this demon. Demonoid is one of the oldest torrenting services out there.

Demonoid has categories spanning from movies, music, books, games and other software applications. Its number of torrents amount up to 900,000.

The average download speed of the website is 1.8Mbps. Users can also avail instant downloads from the website.

The website has a number of domains that have catered to over 10 million users worldwide. It is still one of the best options to access safe and high-quality torrents. However, you need an invite to be able to access the website.

Users in Ukraine and the UK have to use a VPN to access the website. Alternative links for the website are listed below:

  • Dnoid.me
  • Demonoid.unblocked.bet

Don’t get confused with the name; this website has nothing to do with drugs. iDope is a capable torrent engine with gigantic storage of 18 million torrents. The torrent service also supports a mobile version and a clean UI for the website.

iDope Android App

iDope has an excellent download speed of 3.7Mbps. The service isn’t banned in any country and can be accessed through idope.bypassed.bz when suffering from downtime.

This torrent service also has a mindboggling figure of available torrents that number up to 16 million. Torrent Downloads has an experience of almost 12 years in being a torrent provider.

The website features broad categories of movies, TV shows, music, games, software and books. Residents of the UK have to use a VPN to access this website. Other users can avail the following alternative links when the website is facing downtime.

  • torrentdownloads.unblockall.org
  • torrentdownloads.unblocker.cc

15. TorrentsGroup

Torrents Group

The website was founded in 2016 and is relatively new compared to other torrent websites. However, this service provides its users the fastest speeds among torrent websites. The website is capable of downloading movies, apps, documentaries and other types of files at speeds of 5.5 Mbps.

The website isn’t blocked in any country so you can access it from anywhere without any hassle. Even if the website is facing downtime, you can access it using as an alternate IP.

This website is known for its huge community of seeders and has been the website’s main objective. It is a great platform to look for high-quality content.

The interface of the website is straightforward and streamlined for ease of use. Its responsive search engine makes it easy to sift through its tomes of downloadable content. 

YourBittorrent has a reputation of being one of the most colorful torrenting services on the internet. The website features a full cast of colors for its design. A mixture of green blue, red and yellow give it unique appearance.

The websites access is restricted in Portugal and yes you may guess it, in the UK as well. You can access an expansive category of TV shows, movies, games and other downloadable content.

The website supports instant downloads and can be accessed alternatively through

Torrent Hound can sniff out some of the rarest downloadable content out there. It is a reliable alternative to KAT. You can use it whenever you feel like hunting down your desired movies and TV shows.

Torrent Hound has a neat interface and features a handy search bar at the very top of its homepage. The website doesn’t annoy you with advertisements as well.

The website also showcases statistical data about its resources. This data includes the number of servers, visitors, total files and downloads.

TorrentFunk is as groovy as the name suggests. It has made a solid reputation for itself online and it can be used as an alternative to Kickass Torrent.

The website has a verified status and an enclosed circle of active community members. Most of the website’s torrent links are posted by the members themselves.

TorrentFunk takes special care of its members and heeds to any advice they suggest. Recently, the website banned adult advertising after complaints from its users.

Monova stands out from the crowd because of its elegant interface and its commitment to user experience. It has one of the most subtly attractive designs among torrenting websites.

The website gives you access to categories such as movies, music and TV shows. Each category has its own specialized pages similar to the landing pages of e-commerce websites. It makes searching more convenient by providing its users an easy to use search-bar.

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