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The Best Free VPNs 2024

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Nord VPN is the number 1 trusted VPN service in the market. Nord has the the largest number of server choices and provides the fastest service by far.



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Surfshark offers a good service at a fairly price point. If you do not expect to stream or torrent often, this would be a good choice.



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ExpressVPN is a trusted VPN service that provides no-log policy, and a friendly support team. Access the internet unrestricted, privately and securely.


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Hotspot Shield has over 1000+ servers in 100 different countries. Also comes with free malware and phishing protection. A very solid choice for a VPN.



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PureVPN A pioneer in the VPN space, PureVPN is a safe, affordable choice, with 2000+ servers in 140+ countries.


All About Free VPNs

If you are considering getting a VPN for your system, you are certainly making the right choice. A VPN can help you establish a secure connection and hide your IP address from hackers and other prying eyes as you surf the Internet.

When combined with antivirus software, a VPN adds an extra layer of security to help keep your private and personal information safe. As you explore which service to try, you will find that there is a vast difference in speed, reliability, the amenities that are offered, and price. Of course, you will also run across many VPNs that offer their services for free.

You may be wondering if this is a good choice, or whether you will sacrifice quality. The next thing you may be wondering is how free VPNs services make their money. One way is through advertising. Most VPNs are pretty fast, and for the most part this will not slow your connection significantly, but in some cases it may. Some collect information on the sites that you browse and sell it to third parties. If you are searching for a free VPN, you have to look around a little bit and be sure to read the terms of service to make sure that it is compatible with your needs.

Why does jurisdiction matter?

You may note that VPNs are incorporated in various locations around the globe. This is important because some countries such as the USA, EU, and Australia have strict data retention laws. The providers cannot get around this. This means that they must collect data on your online activity and may be asked to share it with legal entities if requested. 

There are also data sharing agreements such as 5 Eyes and 13 Eyes that are a pact between various countries to share ISP and other online browsing data with each other as part of an investigation. VPNs that are located in countries that are not a part of these agreements and that do not have strict data collection and storage laws do not have to engage in this activity. VPNs located in these countries can allow you to surf the web completely anonymously and never have to log the data. It is important to understand the jurisdiction of the country in which you’re VPN is located so that you understand what data is collected, how it is stored, who may obtain it, and under which circumstances it may be obtained.

Who do we think is the best?

There is nothing wrong with a free VPN, but of course, some of them are better than others. Of all of the free VPNs that we tested, the one that we like the best is UltraVPN. We like them because they were fast and offered a secure connection. We were able to access almost all of the content, and we thought that they were the best fast and free VPN for most uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find out if the free VPN keeps logs?

A: The best way to find out if you’re VPN keeps any logging is to read the Terms of Service. Also read the Privacy Policy. These two documents will tell you exactly what information is collected, if it is stored or not, and under what circumstances it may be shared. This is your best source of information for logging policies.

Are free VPNs as fast as paid ones?

A: The Internet is full of different opinions on which services are good and which ones are not. Sometimes a person may report a VPN to be slow because their own a computer connection or Internet service provider is slow. Many VPNs offer a free trial, which means that you can try it out and see if it is the right service for you. This is the best way to try out a VPN and see if it is fast on your particular system.

What do you look for in a free VPN?

A: When choosing a free VPN, you look for the same qualities that you do in a paid version. You want one that is fast and reliable. You want one that does not have DNS leaks and keeps your information safe. The type of encryption used should also be a concern. There are many good free VPNs available, but just as with the paid versions, you need to do your research first.