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Online Privacy For Journalists – The Ultimate Guide

Online Privacy for Journalists – The Ultimate Guide Surveillance and censorship are increasing all over the globe. Technology has allowed surveillance to become much easier than it previously was and governments are exploiting it to isolate journalists and censor them. People are finding indications of George Orwell’s famous book “1984”

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VPN Beginner’s Guide – What Is A VPN?

VPN Beginner’s Guide – What Is A VPN? It’s common for people to see VPNs as complicated software. Many people haven’t even heard of the software before and wonder “What is a VPN?” as soon as they hear its name. They have a hard time getting a grasp over all

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VPN Tests And Checks – The Ultimate Guide

VPN Tests And Checks – The Ultimate Guide Introduction In recent years, there has been an increase in VPN usage all around the world. People have different reasons for using VPNs. Some people use it to get access to region-specific entertainment content. In other cases, users try to access websites

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20 Alternatives To KickassTorrents

20 Alternatives To KickassTorrents Have you ever downloaded a TV show or movie in the last few years free of charge? If you have, it’s likely that you have used a torrent for this file. Torrent is the best way to transfer large files across several users at once. Experts

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20 Best Primewire Alternatives

20 Best Primewire Alternatives For years, there has only been one name that has answered the call of long-time fans of streaming. Primewire was the best website to watch online movies for free. It provided its users an index of movies from reliable hosting websites and let you watch them

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