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Best VPN For Kodi

Best VPN for Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular media players for those who like to stream video, music, and media in many different formats. 

Many who have divorced their cable company and only access entertainment online enjoy Kodi as their primary app for streaming videos on all of their devices. However, if you enjoy Kodi, you need to be cautious about Internet security and may want to consider a VPN while you are streaming. 

This review will examine which VPNs work best with Kodi and provide for the best all-around entertainment experience.

What Is Kodi?

Kodi began its life as the Xbox Media Player in 2002. It was renamed the Xbox Media Center in 2003. In 2004, the XBMC Foundation, which is responsible for delivering the service, renamed it Kodi. The service has actually been around for a long time and only its name has changed. Kodi allows you to store and watch videos and music on every device in your home. It will work on every major operating system and will allow you to view content on hundreds of different devices. There are very few that Kodi will not work on.

Best VPN For Kodi

The advantage that Kodi has over branded media players such as Windows Media Player, Roku Media Player, or Amazon Fire TV Stick is that Kodi is open-source and compatible across many different devices. This gives it another advantage in that you are not restricted to only content offered by that particular service. Kodi has add-ons that allow you to access a wider selection of media than restricted, branded devices. This is what has made Kodi one of the most popular media players for those who enjoy streaming content.

If you are wondering what Kodi can do, it might be easier to ask the question of what it cannot do. In terms of music, Kodi can play a wide range of different formats including MP3, AAC, and O GG. It also allows you to create smart playlists and the ability to track tag tracks. When it comes to video, Kodi allows you to play works in ISO, 3-D, and H. 264, as well as other formats. It also allows you to stream content over the Internet. Once you import the films that you want to watch, it can add posters, trailers, video extras, and fan art to name a few.

It works with TV shows and allows you to store your favorite shows. You can upload images and create a personalized slideshow with your own photos. You can also record and stream live TV shows using this software. However, will need a backend service to achieve this. If you want to get the most out of Kodi, you need to keep the service updated so that it includes updates to the types of formats and capabilities that it can handle.

The best part about Kodi is that it can run on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, and Raspberry Pi so you are not restricted as to where you can access your content and you can take it with you wherever you go. It does plan to add even more features in the future. Kodi was made to be used in your entertainment center and it will work with the remote control that you use for your entire system. However, you will need to link the remote control to Kodi.

Kodi and Legal Issues

Many issues have come up as to whether Kodi is legal or not. Kodi is just like any other media player out there, but some of the add-ons that are available may allow you to access copyrighted or restricted material. These are where the legal problems can come in. Some add-ins allow you to access content for free that is supposed to be paid. Kodi itself is legal, but what some people are using it for is not.

Some services, such as iOS devices, will not allow you to run content from Kodi. You will need to jailbreak the device to use Kodi and stream using it on an Apple based system. For Android systems, you only need to run Android 5.0 or later and install the app from the Google Play Market. On your PC, you will need to be running Windows Vista or newer. Kodi is simply a media player and you will need additional apps and software to make it work on some devices.

Kodi and Legal Issues - 2

Is Kodi Worth It?

Kodi is free to download and use. The open-source project is supported by donations. You must understand that Kodi does not provide any of the media itself and you must provide your own content or access it through third-party online services. Some of these you must pay for. The question you may have is whether Kodi is worth it or not. In our opinion, it is one of the best media centers for accessing online media and content out there. If you are looking to ditch your cable company, Kodi does everything you want it to do and more. Kodi is a blank canvas that allows you to design your entertainment experience the way you want to.

One thing users might not be aware that Kodi can do is to provide support with full translations in 12 languages, but there are ongoing projects to bring that total up to 75 languages, as of 2017. Another thing that Kodi can do is to serve as a retro video game console player. It supports retro emulators such as Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo Eentertainment System, Nintendo 64, Sega CD, Game Boy, PlayStation, and many different arcade games as well. The best thing about Kodi is that it supports so many formats in different types of media that it can be used to replace many different devices.

Why You Need A VPN With Kodi?

You may be wondering if Kodi is so trustworthy, why do you need to worry about Internet security with the software. Even though Kodi comes from a reliable and trusted source, you cannot always be certain about the add-ons. If you stick with the big-box names such as Amazon, Roku, Bravo, and the ABC family, you are not likely to run into any problems. However, if you do not download the software directly from the provider and go through a third-party download site, you could be in trouble and accidentally download malware or spyware that you do not want.

You should always be careful when browsing the Internet for add-ons for Kodi and make sure that you are at the site of the main provider, rather than a third-party site that may be untrustworthy. You need to make sure that anything you download to your computer is legitimate and comes from a trustworthy source. This is why you need to be concerned with security when downloading and using Kodi. This means having computer software on your system and using a virtual private network (VPN) to hide your location.

Although Kodi states that it is not to be used to access copyrighted or geo-restricted content, you could accidentally download content without being aware of it. Some of the add-ons may not disclose where they get their content and some of it may be pirated. If this is the case, then you are guilty of watching pirated and illegal content. To protect yourself from this, you should consider using a VPN when watching anything off of Kodi. Then, if you accidentally break the law, no one can come down on you because they will not see your real IP address and your physical location. You would not want to get in trouble for accidentally watching or downloading illegal material from a third-party provider.

How to Choose the best VPN for Kodi

If you have not experienced Kodi yet, you are in for a treat. However, before you start downloading add-ons, it would be a wise idea to make certain that you have a good VPN to protect your data and online security. You want to choose a VPN that will not slowdown your experience and that offers you the best protection possible. When it comes to streaming, you want to make sure that the VPN does not slowdown your experience and cause buffering. You also want to choose a VPN that is fairly leak proof and that does not collect any data on your browsing activities.

Kodi offers a video experience that is similar to few other media players. When choosing a VPN, you want to choose one that can support a large number of devices, and that does not detract from the ultimate entertainment experience that Kodi offers. You need a VPN that is up to the task of operating with Kodi and will not slowdown or limit the experience.

Top VPNs to Use with Kodi Streaming

When it comes to choosing a VPN service, not all of them are up to the task. There are many free versions of VPNs available, but many of them have a few servers without a wide selection. In addition, many of this free VPNs are slowed down by ads or tracking software, which defeats the purpose of having a VPN. We feel that the best video experience can be obtained by using a VPN that has a large selection of servers, and that has the software and support to offer a fast and reliable VPN experience. Here are our top-five choices in VPNs to help maximize your experience using Kodi.


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1. NordVPN

When it comes to speed in the number of servers available, NordVPN has all of the others beat. They offer 3,300 servers in approximately 60 countries. We like them because they do not keep traffic logs, they have an automatic kill switch if you are connection should become compromised, and they had the fastest speed of any of the VPNs that we tested.

They allow you to have up to six simultaneous connections and they will accept bitcoin for payment. All in all, we rated NordVPN as the top selection because it gave us the smoothest experience and did not seem to slowdown our connection speeds when using streaming. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and there are free trials available.


One thing we liked about NordVPN is that it has an interface that is easy to ask understand, even for beginners who are just becoming familiar with the idea of a VPN. However, it also has enough configurable options for those who want a little more control and have a better understanding of administrative functions. This means that it is easy for the beginner to understand, but experts will enjoy the ability to have more control over their experience.

With NordVPN, you have many choices of servers to choose from. It also gives you statistics on each server so you can see which ones are more crowded and which ones may give you the fastest performance. It has an automatic function with will choose the optimal server for your location and higher speeds. However, if you do not like the server that it chooses for any reason, you can quickly change it. We tried changing server locations while using Kodi and looked for any glitches or interruptions in the streaming service. With Nord, switching servers was seamless without even a blip or glitch on the screen. 

Overall, we felt that this VPN provided the best overall service for the price.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our check in choice for a VPN to use with Kodi streaming service, but it is a close second. Nord edges it out because of the higher number of servers and ability to configure the user experience. However, ExpressVPN also provided for a seamless experience. They offer over 1,700 servers and 94 countries. Some consider them even faster than Nord. However, in all ask our experience that depends on which server you choose and where you are located in the world. It also depends on your own connection speed from your home or where you access the Internet.


Whether the VPN is a few mbps faster, it comes down to a technicality when one is talking about user experience. The question is whether the speed causes buffering issues, disconnects often, or causes other slowdowns that hinder the best streaming experience. In all honesty, from a user experience perspective, both ExpressVPN and NordVPN offered similar user experiences.

ExpressVPN has a very strong no-logging policy and does not have streaming or downloading restrictions. It allow you to have unlimited band with and are compatible with almost all devices. If they are not compatible with the device, they provide an app that can allow the device to work with the VPN. We felt that they had excellent customer support and they will accept bitcoin for payment. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so it is more than likely that you will have a good user experience with them or they will give you your money back.

We felt the streaming experience with ExpressVPN was fast and responsive but they do not have as many configurable controls as Nord. However, it was easy and quick to change servers while streaming. We did not experience any glitches while streaming and changing to multiple servers around the world. There were few slowdowns in speed or problems with disconnections. ExpressVPN provided a seamless and excellent entertainment experience.

Even though Nord allows you to customize your experience more than ExpressVPN, for more practical purposes, we felt that the average user will not gain any advantage or use the different configurable settings on Nord. We would consider Nord to be our choice for computer experts, but ExpressVPN to be the best for the average user. ExpressVPN allows up to three simultaneous connections and we felt they did an excellent job of hiding your location and identity.

3. Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN is our third choice and we feel that it gave an excellent user experience. The reason why it placed third is because we did have some issues when torrenting and downloading TV services. They were bad, but compared to the other two, it made us place them below our number one and number two picks. Their servers are fast and they do not have any tracking or logging issues. They offer over 1,000 servers in 30 different countries. They accept bitcoin and they offer a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cyberghost VPN

Overall, we felt that for the average user, this VPN would be an excellent choice. They are easy to understand and have an intuitive interface. They do not offer as many configurable choices as our first two picks, but we do not feel that this is an issue because most people will not use those choices anyway. We felt they did an excellent job of picking a server that would be the fastest and that would provide an uninterrupted streaming services.

For the most part, we did not experience slowdowns or issues with speed, except when using a server that was located far from our physical location or when streaming video formats that required the fastest connection speeds. For the most part, we felt that our experience was an excellent one and that if you are looking for a low-cost VPN that is easy to understand and operate, Cyberghost VPN would be an excellent choice.

Another issue with Cyberghost VPN is that they do not offer compatibility with as many devices as the first two choices. If you are a Kodi user who intends to use multiple devices at the same time or devices that are not considered mainstream, then you may have trouble with compatibility issues using Cyberghost VPN. They do not offer any browser extensions and you may not be able to use this VPN in combination with Kodi on all of your different devices. You will need to check compatibility first before using this VPN with Kodi and your devices.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish is a low-cost alternative to the other VPNs and we felt that they were fast enough to use with Kodi. They have over 1,000 servers in 60 countries and offer an excellent choice of connectivity. They do not keep logs of traffic and we found that they were fast when it comes to speed. They offer unlimited bandwidth and allow you up to five simultaneous connections. They offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee and no free trial.

One thing we didn’t like is that when we had questions, we found that their customer service was not up to par. They wouldn’t even respond or answer our questions within a reasonable timeframe. 


We also felt that the design and the layout of the interface was a little bit difficult to understand, even for an experienced VPN user. We found that when you connected more than two devices, speeds did slowdown. We experienced some buffering issues and found that it was not compatible with all of the devices that we wanted to use.

We felt that it did a great job of hiding our IP address, but when you are using a top-level media player service, it was not able to keep up. It would still be acceptable for use with Kodi as long as you are using devices that are compatible with the VPN. However, this may not be the best choice for users who want to use devices that are not on the list.

As long as you have a device that is compatible with the VPN and with Kodi at the same time we fill that this VPN would be adequate and give you an acceptable user experience. However, you need to be very careful and make sure that your devices compatible with both the VPN and Kodi. If your design device is not supported by this VPN, we would not recommend using it. However, we felt it provided in acceptable experience for most users.

5. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN made the list as our fifth choice for VPNs that are compatible with Kodi. They have over 700 servers and do not have as wide of choice as the other VPNs on this list. They do have their own DNS servers and an automatic kill switch. They offer unlimited bandwidth, but only offer a 3-day free trial.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that the VPN does conduct some logging of your data and the does not have ad blocking. We felt that this is significantly detracted from the user experience when streaming. 

Vypr VPN

Having ads pop up when you are trying to stream from Kodi cause some buffering and slowdowns of speed. We felt that speeds were hit or miss when it came to this VPN. It is more than likely that ads and third-party software are the reason for this.

It is an inexpensive alternative to the other VPNs on this list, but if you are going for a top-quality media streaming experience, it may be worth the money to go with some of the better services such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. This one made the list, but it must be noted that not all VPNs were even compatible with Kodi streaming services. This one is compatible but may not offer the best experience of the ones on the list. If you are looking for something cheap, this is the best choice. We found it gave an adequate experience for most every day use and common streaming platforms such as YouTube and podcasts. It did not quite make the grade when we tried to download TV and content that required continual downloads. This was our main reason for putting it at the bottom of our top-five list.

We felt that the interface was a little difficult to understand and it took some extra time when changing server locations. It was fast, but not as lightning fast as the other ones. It does allow you to stream on up to five devices, however we did notice a slowdown when more devices were connected to the system. We did have a few error issues when working with this VPN and Kodi. They also are not compatible with his many devices, which means that you will be limited as to what you can use with your Kodi system by using this VPN. That being said, it is compatible with the most common ones that are in use, so this may not be an issue for you. It is something that you need to check before purchasing this VPN.

Final Word

Now you have a rundown of our top-five picks for VPN services that will enhance your experiences with Kodi. All of these VPNs offer their services for a fee, but we feel that they are reasonably priced for the experience and reliability that you get. We tested all of them with Kodi and felt that all of them would be acceptable and supported a good user experience with Kodi software. However, in the final analysis, we still preferred NordVPN as our top pick.

When choosing a VPN that will work with Kodi, you want to make sure that the VPN does not detract from your Kodi experience. Even though all of these VPNs would be adequate and will work with Kodi, some of them will limit your experience because they are not compatible with the same number of devices as Kodi. In addition, we found that some had connection speed issues, which would slowdown and interrupt your streaming experience. The idea is that you want the best user experience possible without interrupting your premium streaming services.

In our tests, all of these VPNs worked adequately when performing functions that most users will be using their Kodi system and VPN for on a daily basis. However, the real test came when the systems were pushed to the limits. We also attempted to contact customer service and see how quickly they responded and whether they were willing and able to help with our questions. We feel that customer service is the most important aspect of whether you will have a good experience with the VPN. This is especially true when it comes to compatibility issues. If you are not experienced with using a VPN, you need to know what add-ons you need to download to make your system compatible, or if that is even possible. In terms of customer service, we felt that our top-three picks gave the best user experience, while the ones at the bottom were questionable in this aspect. Even though our top picks are more expensive, we felt that it is worth the money to give you the best experience when using Kodi.

The reason for choosing NordVPN as our top choice is that it offered more servers to choose from and a wider selection of countries than the other VPN services that we tested. It was easy to choose locations seamlessly without any interruption of Kodi’s streaming services. We also felt that it was the fastest network and was able to keep up with the speeds that Kodi delivers in its streaming entertainment services. We also felt that NordVPN did the best job of keeping us hidden from prying eyes. If you are going to use Kodi’s streaming services, it is worth the extra money and the effort to find a VPN that will give you a quality experience and will not detract from Kodi’s ability to provide excellent streaming services. The other VPNs on the list would be just fine and we felt that they did a good job, but when it comes to speed and reliability we felt that Nord was our top pick.

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