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20 Best Primewire Alternatives

UPDATED June 2024

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The website also offered a “Scheduling” system. This is the place where the users could access upcoming movies. Primewire gifted its users, features like recommendations, unlimited results and free-for-everyone.  A simple interface, an endless archive of movies and voting rights made this website an ideal streaming site.

The website was a savior for all those who craved online movies in their pass-time. However, not all heroes have happy endings. As Harvey Dent famously quoted in The Dark Knight, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” In the last year or so, Primewire spiraled down from an all-time favorite to a paradise for phishing websites.

Now, we could cry and regret our loss or move on and look for better alternatives. In this article, we discuss the top 20 alternatives for the Primewire website.


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1.Solar Movies

Solar Movies has been one of the best streaming websites throughout the years. The website gives its users access to live spilling and downloading connections of movies. It is also one of the rare websites where you can find free online access to video and TV content.

Solar Movies has a clean and easy to use interface. You can benefit from several filters to make your searching experience more efficient. Genre-based and year-wise filters place your all-time-favorites films within your grasp.


The website provides limitless streaming of all the available genres, without any trouble. Since Primewire has gone dark, Solar Movies is set to shine above all other online streaming sites.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most popular streaming websites out there. The website allows its users to watch high-quality movies free of charge. It has a unique database, consisting of thousands of movies. Their archive has sheer depth and they keep coming up with new content.

All the movies range across broad categories of genres. Its archive includes movies from Horror, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Animated and Family genres. It has an endless stream of movies and TV serials; you’ll never want to miss.


Moreover, the website also has categorization for video content with respect to year of release, country and genre. This means you can also access anime and cartoons from the website’s clean interface.

For us, Putlocker is a great alternative for Primewire. If you choose this website, you won’t be the first one to try. Millions of users access Putlocker for free online streaming across the world.

3. FMovies

The website is ideal for users with minimum streaming needs. You can watch full movies without having to pay a single dime. Users don’t even have to trouble themselves with giving credit card information.

Moreover, the service doesn’t bore you with trivial details. You can access the content without having to register. Users don’t have to waste time in creating user accounts because the website doesn’t even ask for it.


FMovies has a fully featured list of movies. People regard it as one of the best websites for full-length movies.  The website also has a rich history and presents most of the available genres for its users. You can find genres like Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Adventure and Family. It doesn’t end just there, the website features A-Z listings of TV shows and movies.

You can search for movies country-wise or view a list of programs based on the year-wise release of movies. Anime, cartoon and Asian Dramas are available in separate sections. The website also has a comprehensive list of most-watched movies and TV shows.

FMovies is a natural alternative to the Primewire website because of its longtime presence in online streaming. You can watch movies online and even download them for the future.

4. Cool Movie Zone

Cool Movie Zone is another radical alternative to the Primewire website. The user can enjoy unbounded streaming without paying a penny. You can satisfy your video hunger by watching newly uploaded content on the website.

Cool Movie Zone has a collection of movies that include vintage classics from the 80s and the 90s. The website has a diversified list of genres which they have gathered from all across the world.

Its rich collection includes movies from other industries and has movies from Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil genres. It also caters a section of dubbed movies for users speaking foreign languages.


Cool Movie Zone has a comprehensive stockpile of diverse movies and a feature list of all-time hits. You can also search your favorite movie through an effective set of filters on a bold user interface.

5. 123Movies

123Movies cannot be ignored as an alternative of Primewire. The website has been available for quite a while. Long-time fans of online movies and TV serials recognize this website as an old friend.


123Movies has been a popular choice among enthusiasts of free online streaming. A slider on the forefront of the homepage displays feature films. You can also see key details about those movies by hovering your mouse on them. The website’s simple interface and easy navigation add extra stars to its ratings.

123Movies presents you a list of TV serials and movies in an IMDB-fashioned view. The filter lets you clear out any movies you’d rather not see. You can even sift through movies through a genre-filter. This makes it possible to distinguish your favorite genre from others. It also lets you see selective content according to the country of your choice.

6. Rainier Land

Rainer Land is a household name for enthusiastic movie watchers. The website storms over other options through its light and likable interface.


It has a dedicated list of HD movies which you can access almost without charge. You should bookmark it for the future if you don’t like to compromise on movie quality.

Another reason for its popularity is a specialized platform. This platform is home to unique categories like Popular, Latest, IMDB and Cinema movies.

Moreover, the website is free from all kinds of ads. Users who are fed up annoying ads popping will relish this new experience while streaming online.

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another viable alternative of the Primewire website. The website makes up for the features of the Primewire website. To some extent, this website goes beyond the limitations of Primewire. It now provides more options than the once-popular website used to do.


Many users have turned away from Primewire. Those users are now considering Popcornflix as a more secure choice. The website’s improved user interface and layout let it earn extra credit.

Popcornflix’s directory showcases categories like new arrivals, most popular, staff picks and featured movies. The list goes on to include drama, action and several other types of genres.

Originally, the website was created for users who loved to watch vintage movies for free. Since then, it has evolved into a multi-genre website. Till this date, millions of users have been served from the website’s huge database.

8. Hulu

Are you surprised to see a paid service in a line of exciting freebies? Well, don’t be. Streaming websites like Hulu are gaining popularity day by day.

One obvious reason for this phenomenon is that traditional cable services are seeing a downfall. Some victims of phishing traps are bow vary of websites like Primewire. These people are reconsidering the use of free online streaming.


People are starting to realize the advantages of online video services. Those who are on the look for paid video services should never forget Hulu. By choosing Hulu, you can access thousands of shows and movies with plans as low as $7.99.

Moreover, you can access this service for free for the first month. Paid users can enjoy premium add-ons like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

9. Movie25

Movie25 is also a good alternative to Primewire. There isn’t much difference in the service of both these websites.

You can access a diverse collection of movies for free. The website also gives options to watch the movie online, to download or watch the movie later.

Movie25’s filters cater to distinct choices. You can sift through the website’s large database through filters like new releases, newly added, genre-wise, top-rated movies and many more.


The website may offer the same features as Primewire did. However, it has better video quality than our former favorite. For seekers of free online streaming with advanced quality, this website is a perfect option.

10. Panda Movie

Panda Movie is as friendly and likable as the mammal representing it.  The website has a funky name but that isn’t the reason it has a good reputation among online streaming movies. Panda Movie has earned this by providing its users top of the class online streaming.

Panda Movie’s popularity is expected to grow further as it improves on its services. Users can watch TV serials and Movies for free on the website. Moreover, you’ll never be short on options while looking for something to watch because of the website’s extensive list of movies.

It has a genre section where you can watch movies and shows from Action, Film-Noir, Fantasy, Family, Horror, History and Mystery. You can also watch genres like Thrillers, Talk-show, War Movies, Mid-Western, Animation, Comedy and Biography.


The website features top-rated Hollywood content; TV series and shows and also age-restricted content. The best thing about Panda Movie is that it features links to most TV shows. Every show and movie available on the storage of Panda Movie is absolutely free. You can choose to watch them right then. If you’re unsure about the strength of your internet connection, you can even download your favorite movie for the future.

The filter list of the movie includes a year-wise distribution, movie and serial selection and also movies rated for their popularity. These popularity lists are updated from lengths of time ranging from the most popular in 24 hours to a list of most popular movies in a year.

11. Sony Crackle

If you haven’t heard of Crackle yet, let us introduce it.

Crackle is a free online movie streaming website. Like Primewire, you can find a limitless list of HD movies and TV serials.


You won’t have to miss out on the on-going trends in the digital world while using Crackle. Moderators of the website constantly pump it with freshly brewed video content.  You can also see other types of viral videos uploaded over the internet.

Overall, this is a nice option to have when you can’t use Primewire anymore.

12. TwoMovies

Many people are familiar with the popular video streaming site, Two-movies. The website has more than 60,000 videos (including movies) in their storage. This makes the website one of the most content-heavy streaming sites out there.

TwoMovies is more than a common movie hosting website. It has a structured system that updates its content every now and then.

Two Movies

For people who are crazy for classics, a good filter is necessary for any streaming website. Users can filter movies on the basis of their year of release while streaming TwoMovies. This lets these users set aside new releases they have no interest in.

After seeing the plethora of benefits you get from this website, you’ll forget that you ever needed the Primewire website.

13. SnagFilms

SnagFilms can be used as an alternative to Primewire. This website will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

SnagFilms has a cool collection of movies that not many websites can claim to have. Many of the movies on the website’s library haven’t been released in the cinema. This means that the website holds a rare collection of movies that few people have heard of. You can enjoy never-seen-before award-winning movies for free.  Moreover, you won’t have to compromise on quality while enjoying these rare treats.  


SnagFilms also has a vast collection of videos. The website sorts its movies on the basis of the genre, a particular movie has. You can access these videos from the homepage. For people looking for acclaimed movies, this website is a viable option.

14. ZMovies

Zmovies is an unlimited platform that lets stream online without nibbling your pocket. This website is favored as a potential alternative to Primewire.

You don’t even need to go through a hectic process to get started on the website. A user only has to register through his/her email ID and voila, you can use it. The website an endless stream of movies you can pick and choose from.


Moreover, you won’t have to miss out on favorite TV programs either. ZMovies caters all sorts of video content and rarely leaves their users disappointed.

People looking for a particular film can filter through swathes of other movies without any problem. New releases and popular movies are one of the most used filters while searching on this website.

The website also keeps itself updated and you won’t have to flinch an inch to access fresh content over the internet.

15. Niter

Niter Movies offer a decent alternative to the Primewire website. The video quality of the website is nice and you’ll never feel the need to miss your previously used website. When you need a free online streaming website, you can trust Niter without a second thought.

The website doesn’t confuse you with complex registrations or legal mumbo jumbo. You can start using the website by simply providing your email.


However, the download feature of the website is not as fully developed as other websites. You will have to bear with the websites semi-functional download capabilities. Still, you can use it if you have a good internet connection.

The content on Niter’s website is DMCA approved. You can access genres like adventure, action and animation whenever you want.

Though the website’s database isn’t as large as other options, it’s still better than not having anything at all. Moreover, if you’re a fan of popular movies, it’s unlikely that you won’t find them here.


If limited libraries are a problem for you, you can always consider AFDAH. The website lets you watch movies online without letting you spend a penny.

AFDAH has a complete set of features and is comparable to all the streaming websites out there. It also catches up to the standards set by Primewire and is a nice alternative.

AFDAH’s library is a rich collection of sought-after movies. The website offers a premium movie panel on its homepage. It doesn’t miss by lot in terms of diversity either.


AFDAH goes beyond popular genres like Action, Adventure, Thrillers and Comedy. The website also features genres like Fantasy, Horror, History, Musicals and Mystery.

Users can browse movies by filtering them according to their year of release, language and country. The website doesn’t bother you with useless suggestions and you can choose a film according to your taste. However, the right portion of the homepage keeps itself updated with recently released and featured movies.

17. TeaTV

TeaTV provides a strong platform for comprehensive online streaming. The reason the website is so popular is that it has a sleek user interface and mobile-friendly design.

It is also one of the few online streaming websites that are available cross-platform. The features of this website are available in Android phones through a lightweight application. Users of Windows and Mac machines can find latest add-ons with Movies and TV shows. Moreover, they can view these movies in excellent qualities of full HD 1080p and 720p.

Login and registration is a nuisance when people are looking for free services. Luckily, this website doesn’t let you go through such afflictions. You can skip that process and start enjoying limitless streaming of your favorite movies.


TeaTV features a long list of genres. With Drama, Thriller, Romance, Crime and Adventure, you can also enjoy genres like Animated, Biographical, Family, Western and Comedy.

After opting for this website, you’ll never miss the Primewire website anymore.

18. Vumoo

Vumoo is decent enough to replace the phishing-friendly Primewire. However, the website’s feature list is a bit shorter than most streaming sites. The genre section of the website misses out on popular genres like Reality-TV, Talk-show, Romance, Sci-Fi and News.

The website also loses a point by failing to feature year-wise listings and also a list for trending movies. This is why the website is useful for those people who already know what they want.

Still, the Vumoo offers continuous online streaming free-of-charge. The website also doesn’t hassle its users with time-taking registration processes and promises of payments in the future.


Moreover, the website features an attractive interface. A slider at the top of the homepage features upcoming movies on the website. These movies are displayed in a cool slider. You can search for the movies you like, grab some popcorn and enjoy it while you relax.

19. 5Movies

5Movies has a wildcard entry in this list. The website has recently increased its domains and set up a decent online streaming platform. It has a limited list of content compared to other established websites.

5Movies only features some links of movies and TV shows. It shows the results from video streaming and sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Putlocker and other websites.


F5Movies doesn’t take responsibility for providing streaming of movies at all. It just claims to provide the legal links of these movies.

While it may not seem much, it still is useful to have if your other option is a website filled with phishing traps. You can use it as a safe alternative to Primewire.

20. HubMovie

HubMovie isn’t as popular as other websites but you may have heard about it if you’re an experienced streamer yourself.

The website is pretty useful and it can be used as a more reliable option than Primewire. The interface of the website is professional and sorted. Though it doesn’t have a fully featured list of genres, it has separate sections for movies and TV shows.


You can also keep yourself updated through a schedule of trending and latest TV serials. You can notice dates and enjoy these upcoming treats when they are released.

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Departing Thoughts

Streaming for online movies is much more than passing leisure time. Watching movies lets you relax and shed off the exhaustion of your everyday life. These movies let you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and help you stay trendy and up-to-date among friends.

This list covers everything you need to know about online streaming. It seems absurd to pay subscription fees when you can watch it all on the internet for free.

If you want further articles from us, just keep in touch and let us know what you think.

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