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50 Best Kodi Live TV Add-ons

UPDATED July 2024

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In order to get the customized experience you want out of Kodi and your device, you will need to choose a few add-ons. There are many different add-ons out there, with varying degrees of quality and usefulness. This article will walk you through the 100 best Kodi add-ons and help you decide the ones you want to install and the ones you don’t need.

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The following is a list of the 50 best Kodi Live TV add-ons

1 .SportsDevil 

Sports lovers unite! The SportsDevil add-on for Kodi is one of the best-dedicated live streaming add-ons there is. SportsDevil is a favorite amongst football and cricket fans because it offers a wide variety of channels that let you watch live events, highlights, pre and post-game shows, and much more. You can also watch ice hockey, racing, cycling and many other sports. SportsDevil offers hundreds of channels including SkySports, Fox Sports, BT Sports, ESPN 1 & 2, NBCSN, Box Nation, Racing UK, Sony Six & Set Max, and Star Sports.


2. AceStream 

Another great add-on for watching sports is the AceStream add-on. This is a unique add-on in that it runs on BitTorrent protocol and you need Plexus Player to user it.


3. Pure Sports 

If you want to find the specific sports content you want when you want it, you need the Pure Sports add-on for Kodi. The Pure Sports Kodi add-on is well-organized and functions smoothly. All the different sports content is segregated under its respective categories. You can very easily watch your favorite live sports events from sports like football, soccer, cricket and wrestling, and leagues like the UFC, NBA, NHL, NFL and more.

Pure Sports

4. BassFox

Another good sports add-on for Kodi, BassFox allows users to watch their favorite live sports in multiple languages—English and Spanish. This is one of the rare multi-lingual Kodi add-ons. An added bonus is that you can also get high-quality live sports action.


5. Bones Brigade 

Created by the Griffin Repository, Bones Brigade is another new Kodi add-on. Bones Brigade is a perfect add-on for all the fans of sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. This is one of the rare Kodi add-ons that provide these types of out-of-the-box sports for viewing.

Bones Brigade

6. Falcon Sports

The Falcon Sports add-on is another great sports add-on for Kodi users. This add-on is a must if you want to see live sports content in HD. The links on this add-on load very quickly compared to others.

Falcon Project

7. DAZN 

The DAZN (Da Zone) add-on for Kodi is like Netflix for live sports. This paid premium add-on is worth every penny. We call it the new Netflix for sports in Kodi add-ons. It offers high-quality sports event for the low fee of $20. Subscribe, download, and install this add-on. Log in to DAZN for seamless live sports viewing on Kodi.


8. Pro Sport 

The Pro Sport Kodi add-on is one of the best to watch live American sports. This add-on gets its streams from Reddit, which is different, and allows you to watch live sports from leagues like NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. You can also stream replays and highlights from recent games. However, there have been reports that this add-on is not working.

Pro Sport

9. Castaway

Another great add-on for watching live sports, Castaway is a good addition to your collection. It offers a wide range of live sporting events, highlights, and streaming of sports channel all day every day. You can also watch UFC fights on the Castaway add-on. There have been reports that this add-on is not working.

Halow Live TV

10. Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is another great Kodi add-on for sports fans. If you want to live-stream sports, this add-on is for you. It has independent links and high-quality streaming quality. If you like boxing and UFC, this is a must have Kodi add-on.

Halow Live TV

11. Sports Mafia 

Do you like streaming football or soccer? Then the Sports Mafia add-on is for you. This add-on has high-quality streaming of matches.

Sports Mafia

12. Eurosport Player 

The Eurosport Player Kodi add-on is great for streaming live football events from around the world. It also has on-demand access available. You do have to sign up for this add-on to work.

Eurosport Player

13. Local News Cast 

If you like to always have your pulse on local happenings, the Local News Cast add-on for Kodi is a must. Though this add-on has high-quality content, it is limited on the local areas from which it streams.

Local News Cast

14. The Unjudged 

The Unjudged is a Kodi add-on that offers an impressive variety of streaming content. Watch anything from TV Shows, movies, Live TV, sports games, to fitness videos, comedy videos, Anime and cartoons. You can also watch documentaries, kids shows, music, news, and adult content. There is also Trakt integration available.

The Unjudged

15. CanTV Live 

If you are Canadian stranded abroad and homesick, you need the CanTV add-on for Kodi. This add-on lets you access local news channels in Canada as well as live TV shows and sports. This add-on has a user-friendly interface and provides reliable and good quality links to users.

CanTV Live

16. Ustvnow 

ONf is one of the rarer official Kodi add-ons, USTVNow lets you watch all of their favorite content from American TV channels. It is very easy to use, but does require you to sign up.


17. BBC iPlayer 

This is also a rarer official streaming kodi add-ons. The BBC iPlayer is an official Kodi add-on. You can find it in the official Kodi add-on repository. The BBC iPlayer add-on lets users watch sporting games and events, entertainment channels, Live TV, news broadcasts and quite a bit more. This is a geo-restricted Kodi add-on and will not work outside of the UK.

BBC iPlayer

18. Ccloud TV 

The Ccloud TV add-on is one of the oldest and best Kodi add-on for watching Live TV. It has a variety of channels and high-quality links. You can watch sports, news, celebrity entertainment and more. Developers also update this add-on frequently. It offers hundreds of Live TV channels and the links that it provides are great in terms of quality and speed. Another great thing about this add-on is that it continuously updates. Users can watch anything like news, sports, entertainment etc. through this Kodi add-on. So what are you waiting for?

Ccloud TV

19. SmoothStreams

Get the SmoothStreams add-on to watch live TV. There are different qualities of live streaming. You get access to over 50 channels for view live TV. You can live stream TV shows, events and other live content.


20. IPTV Bonanza 

To get live TV streaming content from the UK, the US, France, Spain, Germany and other countries, IPTV Bonanza is a critical Kodi add-on. Get live streaming TV including music events, sports, news, and entertainment programming.

IPTV Bonanza

21. Salvazebul Italian IPTV 

The Salvazebul Italian IPTV add-on for Kodi was developed by Salva59s and Baal Zebul from the Evil King family. If you want to watch Italian live TV, you need this Kodi add-on. Salvazebul Italian IPTV will give you live content from a variety of Italian broadcasting channels.

Salvazebul Italian IPTV

22. Furious Streams 

Like UK TV? Watch it live with the Furious Stream Kodi add-on. This add-on is dedicated to bringing you live TV from the UK. You can watch sports, programming, and movies on the Furious Streams add-on.

Furious Streams

23. Football Repeat 

Football Repeat is a great Kodi add-on if you are a football fan. You can stream live games from a variety of leagues including the Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga. You can even stream the World Cup matches. If you miss a match, Football Repeat also can give you highlights.

Football Repeat

24. Streamz TV 

If you want to live stream premium channels, Streamz TV is the Kodi add-on you need. You will need a VPN, but it is worth it to block the geo-restrictions. Get live TV channels like AMC, Animal Planet, VH1, BeIN Sports, and CBS Reality.

Streamz TV

25. Ultimate IPTV
Use the Ultimate IPTV add-on for Kodi if you want to live stream premium TV channels. You will need a VPN, but it is worth it to block the geo-restrictions. The user interface is a bit clunky, but the streams are HD quality.

Ultimate IPTV


Want to watch live sports? Get the ACE IPTV Kodi add-on. Watch live sports from leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. With the ACE IPTV add-on you can also live stream channels like BBC, ABC, Fox, HBO and others. There’s something for everyone on the ACE IPTV add-on for Kodi.


27. SportsAccess 

SportsAccess is a Kodi add-on that lets you watch sports games and matches from across the world. This premium add-on is worth every penny. You do have to subscribe and pay for this service and it only accepts Bitcoin to protect your privacy. In exchange, you can watch content from a variety of channels including SkySports. You also can watch content from leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and others.


28. Vader Streams 

If you want to watch pay-per-view events live, you need the Vader Streams Kodi add-on. This is a paid add-on, but it is well worth the money for a subscription. The Vader Stream add-on has a lot of fans and many people are happy with the quality they receive.

Vader Streams

29. FTFA 

Another popular paid add-on for Kodi is FTFA. This pay-per-view add on lets you watch popular events live in high-quality. There are also various ways to customize the add-on and enhance its performance. This is a free add-on and has a wide variety of links.


30. Players Klub
The Players Klub add-on for Kodi is well-known and has been around a while. This add-on has high-functionality and reliability. You do have to sign-up for Players Klub before using the add-on. It is a premium add-on that you have to pay for but it is definitely worth the money. You can watch live TV, live sports, video on-demand, and classic TV shows.

Players Klub

31. Nemesis 

The Nemesis add-on for Kodi is a premium add-on for watching HD TV and movies. It has a monthly subscription cost but is worth the prices. It offers 4k resolution as well as high-quality links. Avoid the hassle of neglected free add-ons with the premium Nemesis add-on for Kodi.


32. Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr 

Are you feeling nostalgic or want to introduce a child in your life to your favorite cartoons? Look no further than the Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr add-on for Kodi. This add-on has an impressive collection of cartoons. It is also easy to navigate and has a kid-friendly interface. It only shows programs safe for children so you can leave kids unsupervised with this add-on without worrying about what they may find.

Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr

33. Atom 

Another good add-on for streaming is Atom. This is a newer Kodi add-on. For easy navigation, it has separate categories for movies, TV shows, live T,V and family and kids content. The streaming is very high-quality.


34. Real Movies 

If you love movies, look no further than the Real Movies Kodi add-on. This movie add-on will give you HD and 4k movies. Real Movies is updated quite often and it sorts the content into helpful categories for easy navigation.

Real Movies

35. Rave Player 

The Rave Player Kodi add-on is one of the older add-ons. It is mainly used for music. It is also updated quite frequently. You can also views content from specific DJs and mix tapes.

Rave Player

36. The Music Source 

If you like music, you’ll love the Music Store add-on for Kodi. It has a vast library of music. You can live stream radio and music channels. You can also play games to test you musical knowledge.

The Music Source

37. Mania HD
Mania HD is a great Kodi add-on. It is a premium paid streaming service. However, the cost is well worth it. You can watch practically any sport live with a subscription. There are thousands of channels to choose from.

Mania HD

38. Twitch Gaming 

Love gaming? Get the Twitch add-on. You can watch the best players play the latest games. This is an official Kodi add-on. Watch intense marathon gaming sessions as the pros battle it out!

YouTube Gaming

39. YouTube Gaming 

The YouTube Gaming is another add-on to install on Kodi if you are a gaming fan. Similar to Twitch, you can watch other people play video games. This is an official add-on that can be found in the YouTube add-on. Just look for the separate gaming section.

Twitch Gaming

40. NetStreams Sports 

Are you a sports fan? Look no further than the NetStreams Sports Kodi add-on. You can get a wide variety of sports content, including Baseball, football, rugby, cricket, and basketball. Get high-quality streaming with quick buffering speeds with the NetStreams Sports Kodi add-on. There have been reports that this add-on is not working.

NetStreams Sports

41. Wraith 

Made for Mac users, the Wraith add-on for Kodi lets you stream movies and TV shows in HD quality.


42. Wrestling on-Demand 

Are you a wrestling fan? Get the Wrestling on-Demand Kodi Add-on and watch the latest from World of WWE. Watch popular pay-per-view channels such as RoyalRumble and WrestleMania, you can live stream matches as well as stream archived matches.

Wrestling on-Demand

43. We Watch Wrestling 

For wrestling fans there is the We Watch Wrestling Kodi add-on. You can live stream events, watch wrestling shows, and get lots of other extras.

We Watch Wrestling

44. Viewster 

Another official streaming add-on for Kodi, Viewster is useful for steaming movies and TV shows. It has the links organized in categories like Bollywood, romance, drama, and action for easy searching. It is available in the official Kodi Add-on repository in the video add-ons section.


45. Cartoon HD 

Like cartoons? Want your kids to get excited about learning?  The Cartoon HD add-on for Kodi is great because it provides only child-friendly content. The links are updated regularly so you rarely have issues. There is also a wide range of educational content on this add-on that kids will love.

Cartoon HD

46. Einthusan 

Are you a Bollywood fan? Look no further than the Einthusan add-on for Kodi.  A cool feature with this add-on is that it has content in eight different languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi. The Einthusan add-on organizes the movies by genre, year, and actor.


47. TV on Desi Zone 

If you like Indian culture, then you need the TV on Desi Zone add-on for Kodi. This add-on has a variety of TV channels and TV shows. An intuitive layout and easy access to channels like Sony, NDTV, IBN, and Sahara make this a must-have app.

TV on Desi Zone

48. Maverick TV 

One of the best live TV add-ons, Maverick TV for Kodi is not for movies or popular TV. Rather, it is for fitness. You can find workout and training videos from athletes, celebrities, and personal trainers.

Maverick TV

49. UFC Finest/Planet MMA If you like UFC and MMA, the UFC Finest/Planet MMA is the Kodi add-on for you. You can stream live fights as well as watch documentaries, TV shows, and past UFC events. The UFC Finest/Planet MMA Kodi add-on is specifically for UFC. You can also catch pay-per-view fights on this add-on.

UFC Finest/Planet MMA

50. Sanctuary
Another great Kodi add-on for the UFC lover, Sanctuary is a great way to watch live streams of events. Yes you can watch UFC fights, but you can also watch a ton of other live sports events. This add-on also has a library of past sporting events so you can relive historic moments.


Enjoy viewing high-quality movies and TV shows for free from the comfort of your own home with the Kodi add-ons. Find and stream HD Live TV with ease. Now, you can install some builds 50 Best Kodi builds and wizards 50 Best Kodi Wizards to customize Kodi to your liking.

Remember: Companies are monitoring your usage. Protect yourself with a paid VPN service before you use any Kodi add-on.

Remember: Companies are monitoring your usage.

Protect yourself with a paid VPN service before you use any Kodi add-on.

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