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Is Kodi Legal?

UPDATED July 2020

Many people want to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick to take control of their home entertainment. While the Amazon Fire TV Stick is cheap to buy, once you have it, you have to pay a premium cost to access premium content. 

If you want to access your favorite shows, movies and live TV, Kodi is an effective, easy, free solution. You can also install a variety of useful add-ons and can record live television. It is a very simple process to install Kodi, but the bigger question many people have is if Kodi is legal.

build4-1 Kodi

People claim that it is legal to install Kodi on a devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It depends on where in the world you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not if the police want to charge you with a crime. Mainly, the prosecutor will look at intent, such as if you installed Kodi with the intent to break the law. People have gone to jail for installing Kodi on their device in Europe.

If you use a VPN service, it is harder to get caught, but of course you always take a risk. Using a VPN may actually be used by a savvy prosecutor to prove intent. In the UK you would be prosecuted under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Various other European countries will also harshly crack down if you are distributing content illegally.

In the United States, the government will also crack down if you are distributing content illegally, but usually it is not a harshly treated if you simply consume illegal content. But Kodi itself does not give you illegal content, you have to install a third-party add-on to get it.

Is it legal in the U.S. to install Kodi? Most likely. Why? because in the United States we have freedom of speech. Just keep in mind the golden rule of not breaking more than one law at a time. For example, don’t both download movie illegally and cook meth in your house.

US prosecutors like to stack charges.

A VPN will also not protect you if the judge grants a warrant to your house and they take your device to check your viewing history.

Please note that this article does not encourage the use of any software, hardware, or service for accessing any illegal content. Please use good judgment when consuming content.

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"Using services like Kodi and other XBMC services is not exactly illegal. I believe once a service is meant for public consumption, then it shouldn’t be restricted – making it seem illegal to try and get to it anyway. Services like Kodi and VPNs give us access to these services, thereby promoting internet freedom."

Steve Orango

Steve Ongaro

Cyber-Security and VPN Expert

If you install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may be wondering if you are then allowed to sell it. The answer is probably. Jailbreaking an Amazon Fire TV Stick by installing Kodi is means you simply have a media player installed, and there is nothing illegal about it. There’s some debate about a number of third-party Kodi add-ons, which access copywritten content and allow you to stream it. Because Kodi and Kodi add-ons only stream content without downloading or storing it, you might be fine if you decide to sell it. But it is safer to factory reset your Fire Stick before selling it.

Is it legal to sell an Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi?

Will Amazon sue me if I install Kodi on my Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The short answer is no. The Amazon Fire TV stick is a groundbreaking device and a smart business decision from Amazon.  Amazon saved millions in engineering and startup costs because they used Android as their core platform instead of developing their own. By using an open-source version of Android, Amazon was able to get a head-start on dominating the streaming landscape compared to Apple or some other new startup.

The problem? Android is the perfect platform for third-party developers to customize. This has positives and negatives. Because the Android platform is so easy to manipulate and the Amazon Fire TV Stick is so cheap, small, and powerful, the Amazon Fire Stick is the perfect way to consume illegal content.

By installing Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, any user can easily access geo-restricted content and free copywritten content. What Amazon can do is hand over your data to government agencies or companies. This is why it is important to always use a paid VPN service.

Amazon Fire TV users should always use a VPN to protect their identity while streaming.

We personally use and recommend UltraVPN. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, which is not likely, your money will be returned promptly.  Most importantly it has state-of-the-art security features and a zero-log policy. It is a cost-effective solution and is easy to subscribe, download, and install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. The first step to installing a VPN service on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is to subscribe to a VPN service. This is a cost-effective solution and you can pay with PayPal, digital currency, or credit card.

Below are some of the benefits you get when using UltraVPN with Kodi.

  • Total Privacy: Keep your internet privacy intact and have a layer of security while conducting your online activities.
  • Unblock Geo-restricted Add-ons: There are many third-party add-ons that you can only use in certain regions. With VPN you can bypass regional restrictions and watch live and on-demand content.
  • Sidestep ISP Throttling: Your Internet Service Provider just wants your money, they do not actually want to give you the megabytes per second that you actually paid for. Whenever you stream a video or other data intensive activities, your Internet Service Provider will constrain your internet speed. This is called throttling. When you use a VPN, your Internet Service Provider has no idea what you are doing online, so they won’t throttle your internet speed.
  • Easy Setup: It is very easy to set up UltraVPN on your jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Advertising Disclosure

The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our product experts. We use affiliate links in our site that provide us with referral commissions. While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information.

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Protect yourself online. 

Before installing Kodi, follow these three steps to get comprehensive VPN protection.

Step 1: Get the UltraVPN subscription here.

Step 2: To install UltraVPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, use the direct download method with the following this address: https://www.ultravpn.com/vpn-for-android.

Step2 UltraVPN

Step 3: Login and connect to a VPN server.

Once you are protected with a VPN client, you can start installing Kodi with confidence.

 If you want a more detailed step by step guide, look at this article how to jailbreak an amazon fire stick.

Is anything really legal? A man named Brian Thompson in the UK plead guilty to distributing a device similar to an Amazon Fire TV Stick that had Kodi installed. While you might have a case if you are simply downloading the software, selling it can be risky. This case did not go to trial, however, so it is unclear what the courts would have decided.

If you are selling devices with Kodi installed on the streets, then it is very risky and no VPN service in the world is going to protect you. If you are unsure about using Kodi, then don’t. You can always use your Amazon Fire Stick legally and purchase or rent movies and TV shows or pay for streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.

Remember, the law isn’t going to explicitly say Kodi is legal. A VPN can help keep your explicitly illegal activities hidden, but it won’t protect you if the police storm your house.

In the corporate world, there is a term called risk mitigation. This is a strategy to help reduce the potential negative impact of an occurrence. A VPN service can play a part in your risk mitigation strategy of viewing illegal content using Kodi, but it would necessarily protect you if things go haywire.

If you truly want to protect yourself, don’t use Kodi at all. If you feel like taking the risk, then get a paid VPN service so keep from getting tracked.

Once you have VPN installed though, it will greatly reduce your risk of being caught streaming illegal content. All you have to do is subscribe, download and install your VPN of choice. Then, you need to make sure that you can run it on the device. In some instances, you will need to use an app to get a mouse to be able to input your login information. Once it’s up and running you don’t have to worry about it. 

You can use your internet worry-free and watch the latest movies, documentaries, TV shows, Bollywood films and more.  Get a paid VPN client today! We recommend UltraVPN but you can use any client you want as long as it’s paid. Don’t get caught without you VPN protection. You can spent a few dollars a month to make sure you are protected.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy using streaming video with Kodi, and use a VPN to help mitigate some of the risk!

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Advertising Disclosure

The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our product experts. We use affiliate links in our site that provide us with referral commissions. While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information.